Why do we promote this campaign?

Gosbi and its commercial policy


GOSBI is a family company of food products for pets that is firmly committed to quality, honesty and respect for animals, with the purpose of offering solutions to families that allow them to live a more natural, healthy and happy life. with their furry ones.  

GOSBI products are not found in supermarkets or large chains in the pet sector. They are only sold through local stores, in specialized stores and veterinary clinics. Nor on Amazon or any other digital giant. Our products are only sold online through our own website and in all sales we share the benefit with the trusted commerce of the users of the online store, thanks to the link created between the commerce and the consumer by the active recommendation of our products.

Choosing proximity trade as the exclusive channel for our products arose naturally and has been a determining factor for the success of our project. We are committed to the specialized trade and the veterinarian as professional advisers of our products, understanding that there is no better way to communicate trust and credibility.  

We have always been close to local commerce, it is our natural habitat, but now we feel that we have to take a step forward and lead a project to raise awareness of the need for this type of commerce. If we drop local commerce, our cities will change and there will be no going back. The result will be dormitory cities, empty and unsafe streets, anonymity and individualism.

We feel we have a moral obligation to go out and defend local commerce. It is no longer just a sustainability issue, it is about giving meaning to our activity. We believe that business is more than profit and loss accounts and that this is the time to work to defend the values.